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NM Grand Lodge - Rebekah Assembly 2020


Ready for YOUR Grand Lodge and Rebekah Assembly 2020?
December 4, 5, & 6


August 17, 2020

To: all Odd Fellow & Rebekah Lodges in New Mexico

Dear Brothers & Sisters:

I have been asked by Grand Master Allen, and RA President Martha, to write this letter on their behalf.

After the Host Committee for the GL/RA sessions met with the hotel in July, we found there had to be some changes to our session plans. Due to the Governors mandate, we decided we had the following options:

1. Cancel the sessions until 2021

2. Postpone the sessions to an agreed at date and still attempt to have the 2020 sessions.

Since this decision could not be made by the Host Committee, a letter was sent to all members of the joint Executive Committees to ask for their vote and opinion on which option should be chosen. I heard from all but one member of the executive committee and all who replied were definitely in favor of postponing the sessions NOT cancelling.

The agreed-on date is the first weekend of December- 12/4-5&6. There will be some conditions and changes.

1. Everything is depending on the Governor moving the State into Phase 2 of the opening plan, which currently looks positive. At that time, the restaurants can have indoor seating serving up to 50 persons at a time. There will be limited seating in the meeting rooms, but we have determined that we meet the limit without a problem.

2. There will be no hot breakfast buffet or buffet meals of any kind. The breakfast will probably be more of a continental breakfast with fruit and packaged pastries. The luncheon will be plated meals and served rather than the luncheon buffet we had last year. But they assure us that the main menu will not change.

3. There may be a change of scheduling depending on arrangements with the hotel.

The Encampment and Canton sessions will probably be cancelled and not held.

The hotel is not holding us to a room guarantee, as we expect our attendance to be down. We will keep you advised if any other changes arise. The hotel has indicated that they will work with us and do everything possible for us to hold our sessions as planned.

4. New registration forms will be sent out as soon as we know what changes need to be made to comply.

If you are not comfortable or feel safe in attending these annual sessions, that is your decision and we will understand if you choose not to attend.

We just ask you to let your respective leader know what you choose to do. Folks, we are trying to make the most of a bad situation and sincerely hope this works so we can have our 2020 sessions.

Again, everything is based on the Governor and her decision to keep our state as safe as possible for everyone. If we do not advance to phase 2, I do not know what our next option will be. We know that many lodges are not meeting during this difficult time but feel assured that you will share this news with all your members so everyone can be aware and make their plans to attend. We are looking forward to seeing everyone in December.

Fraternally: Barbara Barbara Corfield, PPIARA
Grand Secretary Grand Lodge of NM IOOF

NM Grand Lodge - Rebekah Assembly
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9:00 AM GL, RA & Joint Committee Meetings
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7:30 PM Formal Opening
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7:00 AM Breakfast on your own  
8:00 AM Grand Lodge Opens  
12:00 PM Lunch - Past Grand Masters
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1:15 PM Rebekah Assembly Opens
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12:00 PM Planning Board Lunch
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1:15 PM Rebekah Assembly Reconvenes
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7:00 AM Breakfast on your own
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10:30AM Rebekah Assembly Reconvenes
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